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C H AI R M A N ’ S L E T T E R

                     Concrete Ground

                         BY PAT KELLY, FCICA CHAIRMAN

              CONCRETE AS A SUBSTRATE IS    this organization.                to share my experience, or if you have
           A COMPLICATED BUT IMPORTANT        FCICA offers distributors the best   specific questions about upcoming FCICA’s
           CONCEPT TO UNDERSTAND TO         association knowledge and relationship   events or programmatic opportunities,
           ENSURE THE PROPER INSTALLATION   boasting opportunities in the industry. Not   please contact the staff.
           OF FLOOR COVERING.   This holds   only can distributors meet and network   Opportunities to build industry
           true with engagement in FCICA as an   with the best flooring contractors in the   connections at FCICA member networking
           Association. Knowing and understanding   country, but they also gain firsthand   and educational events are what I look
           the value the Association provides you – as   knowledge of the manufacturers’ products.   forward to every year. After returning to
           a member - is how you can get the most   As a result, distributors stand to gain   our successful in person 2021 Annual
           out of your investment of time and money   residential and commercial sales.   Convention in Austin this past September.
           in FCICA.                          For the manufacturer, FCICA, provides   I look forward to again reuniting with
             Specifically, for its contractor members,   engagement opportunities to connect   industry colleagues at the Annual
           FCICA provides a monthly online forum   with the best flooring contractors in the   Convention at the Beau Rivage Resort &
           to connect with and learn from fellow   country. Those contractors will become   Casino in Biloxi, MS March 21-23, 2022!
           contractors. Forum participants are   more knowledgeable about your products,   As your FCICA Board Chair, and on
           able to discuss shared challenges and   resulting in increased sales and happier   behalf of the entire Board of Directors,
           experiences. FCICA also facilitates business  end users.           I wish you a Happy New Year. We look
           relationships between its contractors and   FCICA provides you and your   forward to a successful and prosperous
           manufacturers. When a contractor has   company many membership benefits and   2022 – with FCICA’s ‘concrete’ mission,
           an installation issue, or a question about   opportunities. We want you to take full   and strategic plan as the foundation to
           a product, they know the manufacturer   advantage of your membership in FCICA   serve its dedicated members into the new
           representative to contact to assist with the   – and come to know and understand the   year. 
           customer’s issue. Contractors - you can’t   value it provides your business. As a long-
           pass up this opportunity to be involved in   term FCICA member, I would be pleased

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                               FCICA Association Manager  please contact: JG Media Group
        Sales Manager/Co-Publisher:  LLC, (805) 870-5171 or email:   supported by the following four strategies:
        Dan Lipman             t (630) 672-3702                                               1. Grow membership and engagement in
        t (805) 368-3867       Rick Church                                   FCICA.
                               FCICA Managing Director
                                              2. Create opportunities for members to
                               t (630) 672-3702                              network in large and small group settings.
                                                                            3. Expand quality education and certification
                                                                             programs offered through FCICA.
                                                                            4. Increase recognition of FCICA’s value
                                                                             within the industry.

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